Who are we?

The Rotary Club of McMinnville is a community of active and informed citizens, community leaders and professionals – united in Service Above Self.  Together, we learn, grow, share and serve in ways that enrich Our Community and Our World.


Our Community

For members of the McMinnville Rotary Club, Service Above Self begins with hands-on service in our community – focused in part on youth education and enrichment:

  • We roll up our sleeves to pull ivy and enhance local ecosystems, working alongside local middle school and college students.
  • We help make learning happen by providing dictionaries to area fourth graders.
  • We foster leadership and citizenship via Rotary experiences for local high school and college students.
  • We build critical thinking and public speaking skills as we challenge junior high students and to take the Four Way Test and share their experiences.
  • And we warm young hearts at holiday time by providing at-risk children the opportunity to give and receive.

Our World

Globally, the McMinnville Rotary Club focuses on youth and the eradication of polio.

Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange is the opportunity of a lifetime for high school students interested in learning about the world and themselves. It is an opportunity to learn languages, share cultures and foster global understanding.

The Youth Exchange sponsored by the Rotary Club of McMinnville has made it possible for local high students to experience life in countries including Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru. The Club program has also hosted inbound students from Germany, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Peru, Mexico, and Ecuador.

For more information about this exciting program, click here.

End Polio

Rotarians launched the global fight to eradicate polio 1985. Since then, we have collaborated with public and private organizations to immunize more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries. Today, there are only three countries that have never stopped transmission of the wild poliovirus: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

The Rotary Club of McMinnville is committed to complete eradication of this disease through advocacy, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and awareness building. To learn more, click here. https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/take-action/end-polio

Fun and Fellowship

That we live in the heart of Oregon wine country is a fact celebrated by Club members, with gusto! Committees often meet over a glass of award-winning pinot, whether it be at a cozy tasting room on Third Street or one of Yamhill County’s 80+ wineries, where the vistas are known to steal the conversation.

There’s also organized Fun and Fellowship in the form of our FunFest Event (mark your calendar for September 19!) and even projects such as our famous Rotary Rose Sale. Part of the fun is the friendly competition; the pure joy comes as we team up to surprise friends and family with special deliveries: dozens of long-stemmed, stunning roses.

Professional Networking

One of the distinctive aspects of our Club is the amazing opportunity for Professional Networking.

Imagine having lunch every Wednesday with top dogs from the local electric company, city government, academia, and the Chamber as well as a full cadre of physicians, attorneys, bankers and entrepreneurs. Beyond this, the Rotary Club of McMinnville is proud to include leaders for some of our community’s most impactful non-profits, along with professionals whose fields range from journalism and recycling to ballet and ministry. Amen! Enough said. All the makings for world-class professional networking come together at the Rotary club of McMinnville!

For a full look at our membership, go to MEET OUR MEMBERS.  hyper link to http://mcminnvillerotary.org/roster.html

Better yet, join us for a weekly membership meeting on an upcoming Wednesday!